'Helping Hands' Community First Aid Initiative

Here are Grandma's Attic, we are concerned by the demographic and financial challenges that may hinder our community to access minor treatment for accidents and injuries. 

Our vision is to train and equip members of our community to respond and provide support to each other when needed. Our aim for 2019 is to devise a 'Helping Hands Community First Aid' scheme

We will achieve this by training community members, providing first aid packs and by publishing a booklet

which will reach every single household in our area informing them of who they can rely on for help. 

Quite simply: 'help us to help each other' 

Interested in developing skills in First Aid? 

Would like to be part of this community project? 


Simply click on the button to print off our

application form 

With special thanks to Grwp Cynefin for their generous donation of £200 towards our training equipment